Monday, March 26, 2007

Sanjaya Malakar and the increasing influence of Indians in America

Sanjaya typifies the influence of Indians or people of Indian descent in America! What can I say – there have been people who can sing better than him who are already out of the show and the Sanjaya juggernaut continues unabated!

Whether this is because of Howard Stein or because of the influence of the Indian American community can be debated! We Indians tend to live within a community – whether that is dominated by language, caste or religion, when in India and when abroad as Indians – pure and simple. It goes on to show that Indians are really well connected never mind Howard Steins mission of sabotaging the American Idol show. The premise of the show is that people vote for who they perceive as the best – if that is the case, whether Simon Howell likes it or not, Sanjaya will be in, until voters are sick of him and/or his singing!

This has been so much fun – unlike a similar reality show in the UK, Celebrity Big Brother, which got derailed because of racial undertones! As far as I can see there are no racial undertones, but because voters are unwilling to vote Sanjaya off the show, he continues to thrive!

Live on and rock on Sanjaya!


Anonymous said...

Sanjaya is far less talented than those voted off. Voting for him just cause he's Indian is almost racist. It's a SINGING competitiong, NOT a "oh my god he is the same race as me" call in contest. I sincerely hope that what's really going on is that a bunch of little girls just think he's cute (which isn't great either, but considering...), and not this race-based voting.

hemantvelury said...

Hey I completely agree with what you are saying - All I am saying is that until he gets voted off the show - we will haev to live with it, never mind Simon Howell rantings!

Anonymous said...

I think his voice is ok and he deserves to be in the show on merit. As to the British show I would hasten to add that the Indian girl won so the public proved how non racist they are in general even if some of the contestants exhibited that characteristic.