Thursday, March 1, 2007

Male Bonding

I had a very interesting conversation with a close friend and somehow came to conclusion that women do not bond with other women as much as men do with men.

Why does this happen?

If you look at human kind’s entire evolutionary journey – you will find that men traditionally went hunting with other men, while the women stayed at home, protected the home while the man was away and gave birth and raised their children.

So while the men went hunting together, they spent time, made friends, depended on each other for safety and eventually bonded! The conjecture is that this has somehow gotten into the gene pool, which seems to have been replicated over multiple generations, which is why we see men bonding, even to date!

Women on the other hand, spent most of their time in their home, taking care of their offspring and thus did not either have the time or the patience (remember even at that point in time, it was survival of the fittest) to bond with other women! Therefore, we don’t hear as much about women bonding!

My apologies to feminists – this is just a theory and I thought it was too good a subject to blog about!


ofgreaterheights said...

Interesting. Though, I think at most the reason why women doesn't seem to bond that much, is because they might feel threatened or competitive about each other's achievements.

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Hemant Velury said...

You know - I agree with what you have said! That is what is confounding - Men do not feel as threatened as women do - and I do not understand why!