Monday, March 19, 2007

300 - Just a movie!

I haven’t yet seen the movie – so it is going to be premature to respond to the all the hoopla surrounding it.

What is the issue with 300?

The one issue that the Iranians see currently is that it is historically wrong – well, Warner Brothers has already issued a statement that it is work of fiction. So if it does not show the right historical facts – Chill guys!

Secondly – they claim that it has a hidden agenda – well, what can I say? I agree that the Americans have been reckless with the fact that they are the sole super power and they are pushing their agenda everywhere in the world – but come on – I don’t think they are sending out any messages through a movie for God’s sake! I know and accept the fact that America is mostly run by Jews (and I don’t mean this in a derogatory manner at all – matter of fact!) – Wall Street and Hollywood are both dominated by them, all said and done they are really good business people – Frankly I really do NOT think that the Americans have enough in them to open up another front with Iran (considering the fact that Iraq is open and Afghanistan is open and of course the whole shebang with Osama Bin Laden) in a battle ground – if they do – they are not only stupid, but they will have failed to learn the lessons of history – remember what happened with Hitler in Russia (erstwhile USSR) – not enough resources and it was plain stupid! Also remember, the whole world will turn against them if they do and they already have too much going against them!

So my suggestion is enjoy the whole movie and its special effects and let life move on – we have too many things to worry in life and a movie should be the least of our priorities!

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