Friday, February 16, 2007

New Climate Pact

So finally we have a new Climate pact that will save and preserve the planet for our future generations. We might actually, if this becomes a law, give a decent legacy to our children (never mind the other not so great ones!).

My bone of contention is that there apparently was a consensus on the fact that developing countries also will need to face targets for cutting greenhouse gas emissions as well as rich/developed countries.

My question is: How did the so called rich countries get rich in the first place?
Ans: Industrialization

What is the main driver for industrialization? Greenhouse fuels such as coal, petrol, diesel etc.

So since the World War II when the world began to industrialize, countries which had some amount of money during that period in time, started using up more of these fuels to, fuel their economies! Presto - they became rich! Nada a thought to what will happen to the atmosphere, global warming, yada, yada, yada!

Suddenly countries such as the US, which refused to sign the Kyoto protocol woke up to the actual reality of global warming and why? Most of the rich in that country did not have a ski resort to go to as there was no snow during their holiday season - Thanksgiving through to the New Years. When it did arrive, in late January 2007 and is still very much winter now (as on February 16th 2007), it brought some devastation with it!

So we suddenly have Mr. George Bush referring to the climate and its effects in his State of the Union address!

So what is the prospect facing developing countries because of this?

Developing countries do not have enough freedom to get rich because they have curbs but the developed countries had no such rein to hold them back!
My thought on this: While I completely agree with the fact that developing countries also should have targets to limit emissions, i firmly believe that the developing countries should have much more stiffer targets than developed countries do!

Secondly, when responsible developing countries (Key word: Responsible) decide to go the Nuclear way - Kindly do not put a spoke in their wheel - They need all the energy they can get!

Thirdly, because of the mess the rich countries have already contributed to, they should have a fund for developing cleaner fuels in the developing countries!

While, I might sound jingoistic, why should any citizen of this world be deprived of getting rich while the rich constantly get richer?

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