Monday, February 19, 2007

India and Pakistan

Isn't it time for both India and Pakistan to bury the past and move on?

The world is moving on so why not us? Why is there a need for us to continue to fight?

A bomb blast today on the "Samjhauta Express" (which translates to "Understanding Express") killed 66 people, most of them Pakistanis! On an Indian news website, I saw that a lot of Indians have been raving and ranting about the fact that Pakistan is responsible, yada, yada, yada. The blast has killed Pakistanis and yet we (Yes, I am Indian) want to blow Pakistan off the map! What sense does it make?

Pakistan has been burdened with the sheer weight of history on their backs! Give them a break, while we need to also take a break from this overwhelming hatred! We all have better things to do - why not come together to make the two countries economically stronger to take on the world?

The world is getting poised for Asian nations to start dictating on a global scale GDP and here we are at each other's throats! The amount of money each country ends up spending on military budgets will instead help in alleviating some hunger, can go a very long way in educating young people - Why oh why are we so intent on killing each other?

Time is on our side - lets utilize it well!

A hopeful Indian!

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