Monday, February 26, 2007

Digg, Technorati

Why do so many people want to be Dugg or Technoratted?

More often than not, if
Digg figures out that you have written about them, the blog somehow makes it to the most read! The case seems to be the same with Technorati! This is something, that I did not come up with, but is actually an article – My apologies, but am unable to find the article again, otherwise would have certainly linked to it!

I have gone through a lot of articles on “How do I popularize my Blog?” or a variation of the same title and I have not got anything which is remotely useful.

Agree, content is king – but I have realized that blogging is now done based on the current hot topic is! What if, I do not want to write about a current hot topic because there are 10000 other sites which have already written about it, some 20000 news channels which have already talked about it – I would be just another! I thought that was pretty counter intuitive (Just because you have written what is being talked about by everyone else and therefore no one visits your site!)– Apparently not – If you want to be read, write about the same hot button issue!

Secondly, add comments on other sites – Hell I have, but don’t see any results!

Submit to
Google and Yahoo – Did this at least my page now comes up!

So the choice is yours – Do you want to whore your blog? Or are you writing for the sake of the pleasure writing gives you?

Based on the answer (You need to be honest!) decide what you want to do!

I have done this so that, hopefully, writing this will get some traffic to my site!

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