Friday, December 24, 2010

Day 4: London!

We finally make it to London! Oh and no luggage! Remember all of it is still on the Kingfisher flight! M and me had to shop for undergarments and socks and the most important stuff!
Got up late - bugged my sis no end (so much fun to bug her after so long) and had a lazy morning! Brrrrrrrrr.. is it cold or what here! So much fun! Left for London at about 2:30 in the afternoon.. Went to a mall in Brent Cross, my sis wanted a MicroWave and in any case we did not get one because the one she liked was out of stock! Sis wanted o go to Wagamama, but there was a queue and Ijust refused to stand in a queue as I had to stand in a queue everytime we wanted food in Brussels! So went to a sandwich joint had sandwiches and left! By the time we reached Central London (well my sis is in Harrow) was already 4:30PM and getting dark really fast! Started hunting for parking and that was a pain in the butt! Finally found some parking in Soho and she could not parallel park so parked the car for her and started walking around London! Got into the Original Tour. Went around London in cold pouring December rain.. was a lot of fun! Went for dinner at a small Greek joint in Hampstead.. had fabolous food and came back home for a whiskey which was a godsend! :-) Whiskey in this cold is so much more fun! Oh and we got to know that the Kingfisher passengers were ferried across the English Channel by boat.. Shudder to think how cold it must have been! Bloody cold it muct have been!
So much for Day 4.. the walk in London had its own horror which shall be told later! ;-)

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