Friday, December 24, 2010

Day 3: Afternoon at Brussels!

So, as expected - no news from Kingfisher. So booked yet another flight, actually my sweet lil sis did on, and we yet again waited for the flight. Went to the gate and the flight was late by 40 minutes. Meanwhile my sis got extremely antsy and started looking for other flights. Meanwhile, flybe called an announcement that teh flight will finally take off at 2:40 PM. So ran back to the gate and finally boarded the bus that will take us to the flight. Long drive to the aircraft and waited for the driver to open the door. He finally does after 20 mins waiting and tthen we board!!! The flight finally takes off and we land in Southampton at 5PM local time! Finally UK!!!! We de-plane, finish immigration and my sis just parks outside the arrival in her Audi A6 and we are off! Hit a small pub have a Guinness and head to a small restarant have dinner and hit home! What a lovely home my sis has.. Have to post pics of her place! Lovely backyard snowed in! :-) Another day!

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