Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Wanderlust and work takes me to Brno, Czech Republic

Reached Brno in the Czech Republic on Sunday night from Bangalore, India. As the receptionist at the Royal Ricc, where I am staying, said, it is very far from India. I took the flight from Bangalore to Prague, with a layover at Frankfurt. There is no direct connectivity from Prague, only 1 flight and a Bus Service twice a day. So I had 4 hours at the Prague airport with nothing to do – and a suitcase that I could not leave behind and check the city out, unfortunately.
After a long wait, finally it was an uneventful 2 and a half hours bus ride and reached Brno at 8:30 PM in the night and boy, was it cold! I had expected it to be cold, but this was unbelievable!

Royal Ricc is a nice hotel, built in the late 1500s with Baroque architecture! Their breakfast leaves a lot to be desired especially with hot food.

What stunned me about this place is that I am the blackest person, I have seen here in Brno. I am not saying that I have been discriminated against (though I was the only person who was asked to put my bags through the X-ray machine at the customs at Prague Airport!), but I am actually sticking out like a sore thumb!

Well, I have to go off to work now – Will update again, later!

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