Thursday, June 28, 2007

Apple iPhone - Marketing genius or excessive hype?

Steve Jobs, as far as I am concerned is a brilliant marketing guy! The hype surrounding the iPhone is simply stupendous!

He has managed to still have a niche segment of customers with the Mac, completely blew the market with the iPod – that brilliant device, which has in my opinion, revitalized the music industry and now is trying to carve a slice in the overcrowded mobile phone pie with the iPhone!

Why would anyone want to buy the iPhone from a company which is just getting into consumer electronics?

The answer is simple – Jaw dropping features – everyone today listens to music on the phone, obvious usage as a phone and of course surf the net! Plus the added bonus of being a product of the Apple company! It looks sleek and small compared to the rest of the phones, which end up looking like prehistoric models! I suspect, this will eat into mobile biggies such as Nokia, LG, Samsung and Motorola’s revenues.

I have been following the hype closely over the internet and cannot wait for it to launch in India – even though it is tentatively scheduled to be launched only in 2008.

Let there be no doubt that there will be teething problems but will be nothing that Apple cannot handle and I am certain, all of the features that the critics are saying that are missing especially with regards to direct downloads of music from iTunes will certainly overcome. With the other common gripe that there is no keypad – well, I think that is precisely something that will help the company – remember the jog dial on the iPod – who thought that will work and it became iconic!

The iPhone can again, like the iPod, change the fortune of Apple and I am just dying to own one – even though I have never owned the Mac or the iPod – simply because of the iconic style quotient it will have, at least initially.

Live on Steve and get out some more great products!

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