Monday, May 28, 2007

Wanderlust – Bath, UK

Wanderlust drags me to Bath and I wasn’t too sure if it could match the sheer intensity and mysticism of Stonehenge.

I took the train back to Bath, the station is called Bath Spa barely 10 minutes by walk is one of the oldest and best preserved Roman Bath in the world.

This place has become a major tourist attraction and it is amazing how well the bath is preserved.

Roman baths were not just a place for cleaning oneself, but was the equivalent of today’s cafes, where people meet friends, exchange ideas and had debates.

The baths had cold and hot water pools, saunas and the equivalent of jacuzzis of the age. It had reading rooms, gymnasiums and hair cutting salons.

This place is a true marvel of engineering of the times and featured drain that work to this day, aqueducts and springs that have hot water, which were considered to be Gods work!

The Romans used Lead pipes to carry hot water to the spas and used gravity to help them do it! Any surplus water not used in the spa would flow out to the River Avon which was 400 meters away from the spa.

The baths still contain a few hypocaust pilae, which show how the heating system would have worked.

I then walked out of the Spa and walked my way through to the Pulteney Bridge. It is one of the only 4 bridges in the world which are lined by shops on both sides. It was built for William Pulteney, whose wife had inherited rural Bathswick across the river from Bath.

All in all, this was a thoroughly satisfying day and I made my way back to the hotel in Slough. I was leaving back to India in about 3 days time and I saw what I could.

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